8 Prosecutors You Don't Want to Face in Court

Prosecutors are known for being quick, determined and always on their toes. Some prosecutors are well known for their snappy, vicious courtroom attitudes and almost perfect trial records. Whether they are still practicing or retired, the following prosecutors will make you glad you never faced them in court:

  • Vincent Bugliosi
    Probably best known as the prosecuting attorney for Los Angeles County in the Charles Manson case, Vincent Bugliosi successfully prosecuted Manson and several other of his followers for the 1969 murders of Sharon Tate and 6 other people. Also, known for authoring a book in which he criticizes the district attorneys and prosecutors in the OJ Simpson case, in his years as a prosecuting attorney, Bugliosi tried 106 felony cases and only lost one.
  • William Kunkle
    William Kunkle is most famously known for his win of a death sentence for John Wayne Gacy, a businessman and clown entertainer at children’s parties and benefits, who killed 33 men and boys. Kunkle is known for his approval and support of the death penalty, and is known to suggest it widely when he believes it the the proper punishment.
  • Marcia Clark
    Marcia Clark is probably most famously known for being the prosecuting attorney against OJ Simpson in the murder trial of his ex-wife and her friend. Although Clark didn’t win a guilty verdict against Simpson, she has a very successful legal reputation and has successfully prevailed in at least 19, some well-known, homicide prosecutions.
  • Joseph Richard “Rick” Distaso
    Most famously known for being the lead prosecutor in the murder trial against Scott Peterson, accused of the murder of his wife, Laci Peterson and their unborn son, Distaso was successful in gaining a guilty verdict, despite the hard-hitting high profile of defense attorney Mark Geragos. Distaso is also known for a few other big cases in which he also won based on circumstantial evidence.
  • Jeffrey Hayworth Knox
    Jeffrey Hayworth Knox is a federal prosecutor in Brooklyn. Knox, overseeing and with the help of the attorney’s office in Brooklyn, is responsible for the successful prosecution of 1/3 of the international terrorism convictions around the nation in the last two years.
  • John Healey
    John Healey, a Fort Bend County, Texas prosecutor is well known for leading a small town of prosecutors and maintaining a successful record. Healey’s team is responsible for a number of succesful prosecutions including child abuse cases, capital murders of children, aggravated assaults, and several high profile murders, rapes and robberies.
  • Stephen Lawrence Cooley
    Stephen Lawrence Cooley has served as a prosecutor for 27 years in Los Angeles. Cooley, who is known to have over-seen thousands of felony cases, continues to win in the courtroom and win landslide elections as the first district attorney in Los Angeles history to be re-elected to a third consecutive term.
  • Mark A. Richardson
    Mark Richardson is the Cole County, Missouri prosecuting attorney. Richardson has worked in the prosecutor’s office for over 10 years and has won over 55 criminal jury trials including, murder, felony assualts, robberies, and child molestation and drug cases.

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