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Most colleges classify court reporting as one of many programs offered in the criminal justice field. Accordingly, you can search all available court reporting programs by searching through all criminal justice schools below. The results will be filtered to give you colleges that offer court reporting degrees.

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Top Questions for Court Reporting Schools

The National Court Reporters Association recommends that anyone looking to attend a court reporting school be prepared to ask their guidance counselor the following questions:

1. How many years has the school been offering court reporting programs?
2. How long does the program take to complete?
3. What is the graduation rate for the program?
4. What types of court reporting jobs do graduates normally get?
5. What is the success rate for graduates passing the state certification tests and on how many attempts?
6. How many hours per quarter are spent on live and taped dictation?
7. How frequently is multi-voice dictation offered/required?
8. How many days out of the week would I attend class? Is their an online option?
9. What is the average class size?
10. How many different professors/teachers are there in the program?
11. Do the professors/teachers have their certification and reasonable field experience?
12. How many of the professors/teachers are CRI’s (Certified Reporting Instructors)?
13. Is realtime training given and how often?
14. How early is Computer Aided Transcription (CAT) training introduced in the program and what technology is used?
15. What are the graduation requirements for the program?
16. Is an internship included in the program? Note: All NCRA-approved programs must have an internship program.
17. Is employment placement assistance available?
18. What are the admission requirements for the program?
19. Do I have toAm to purchase or rent a stenotype writer out of my own pocket?
20. What other student services are available (financial aid, tutoring, etc.)?

These aren’t the only questions that you should ask as you search for the right program for you, but they are a great starting point. It’s always important to check out your State certification requirements as well and just be certain that when you are done you are eligible to sit for those exams.